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     Prerequisites: Rescue Diver certification, and 40 or more logged dives

     Cost: $690 (Scuba tanks with air are included.)

     In addition, you must own or purchase the PADI Divemaster Crew-Pak.

     Final certification expenses are the responsibiltiy of the Divemaster.



THE FIRST DAY: Call to get your training underway (845-255-7446). The first day we decide will be from 0930-1730. The entire day is spent at Deep-Six. There are no open-water dives. You will be diving in the pool, so bring your gear. GET THE DATE FROM DEEP-SIX.


Attendance and assistance is required at the ONE of the following Scuba Classes and Pool Sessions (Internship):   

Assist on 10 Open-Water dives (usually there are 2 per day on the diving dates)

Complete the Divemaster additional requirements (Some of these can usually be done during the above open-water dives.)

Completion of all written assignments and the PADI Divemaster Final Examination. This will be done at one final classroom session. The date will be decided by the Divemaster students and Deep-Six. The time is 0930 - 1700.

Divemaster additional information: DIVEMASTER INFORMATION

Exit requirements:

     The following 2 sheets are the DM Candidate Information and Evaluation Record that is used to keep track of the student completions:


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