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NIGHT DIVING in New Paltz:

Night dives are usually done in August because of the early senset and warm water. Please arrive at Deep-Six Underwater Systems no earlier than 1830 hours and no later than 1845 hours.

If possible, you should bring as much diving equipment as possible. Bring a flashlight (pressure-proof or regular - a regular light works under fresh water and will not get destroyed if it is dried following the dive), chemical light (Cyalume), whistle on the BCD, pencil, slate, computer or depth gauge, as well as the regular diving equipment.

If you are doing the dive for PADI Advanced: Prior to arrival, you should read the NIGHT DIVING chapter section of your PADI ADVANCED DIVER MANUAL. Answer the questions found in the chapter.

You will then briefed on proper night-diving procedures.

After packing, we will proceed to the dive site by vehicle.

The skills to be tested in the water are as follows:

  1. Proper use of the UW light, spg, and depth gauge.
  2. Check air consumption rate.
  3. Proper night diving use of the buddy system.
  4. Noting the differences in night vs. daytime aquatic life.
  5. Logging your dive and having the log stamped.

General notes:

Cost of the dive is $25 if you are working on PADI Advanced Scuba. If not the cost will be $35.


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