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     Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) is very popular today both here in the USA and in dive resorts around the world. It allows divers to stay down longer when compared to diving on air. It also allows a diver to flush out a nitrogen load from previous dives. Getting your permanent Nitrox certification at Deep-Six is convenient, practical, and inexpensive. It sure beats having to spend part of your vacation days to get the certification when you should be diving Nitrox from the get go.

THE NEXT COURSE DATE: Saturday October 9, 2019, FROM 0930 UNTIL 1700. Bring a lunch and a device to get to this Web page. The bigger the screen the better.

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     To obtain certification as a PADI Enriched Air Diver, so that you are able to dive with EANx, the following requirements must be fulfilled:


     The following PADI Liability form must be downloaded, read, and signed by students in the EAN course:

Download the PDF Class Liability Form



MOD For 100% O2 = ((1.4/1.00) -1) X 33 Use 1.6 for NOAA

MOD for any % O2 = (46.2 (Constant) / O2%) -33


From Diver Magazine 2009, OXYGEN TOXICITY-SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS by Dr. David Sawatzky

     How does one figure the O2 and air requirements for partial-pressure blending?

     Example: 1.00 - 0.36 = 0.64 (=X)


 The following pictures represent EAN gas blending equipment. Their function will be discussed in class.


The oxygen used to manufacture nitrox may be obtained from a welding supply house. Some think it is necessary to use Medical-grade oxygen for breathing. That is a crock. When oxygen storage tanks are filled they are usually in a cascade system. The tanks are opened and all the "empty" tanks are equalized. Then a vacuum pump is applied to the cascade to draw out all the gas from all the cylinders. In that way if any of the tanks had air in them, or any other gas contaminate that may have been introduced after the tank was emptied, the vacuum would remove it. When the vacuum reaches a certain low pressure oxygen is pumped into the tanks to fill them for resale. If "Medical-grade" oxygen is being made the vacuum is supposed to be applied 2 or 3 more times. No matter how many times the vacuum is applied the same oxygen is put into the cylinder. If the vacuum is applied only one time, the oxygen in that cylinder has to be extremely clean and is never going to equal the amount of contaminate coming from a breathing air compressor used to make nitrox. If the oxygen were not extremely clean it might contain hydrocarbons and particulates that could lead to oxygen fires and explosions in welding tanks.

The above EAN tank decal is about 23" by 6" and it is affixed to scuba tanks to identify that the tank does not contain air.



     Let's say you used a tank of EAN36 and ended the dive with 500 psi on the tank. Then you partially fill the tank with O2 compatible air and test the Nitrox content. It is EAN28. What is the EAD for 40'?

          EAD=(1 - O2%)(D+33)/0.79 - 33 (Answer: 40' = 33.6')

         What is the EAD for 100% O2 at 40'? (Answer: -33')

         How does one figure the O2 PP for any depth? (D+33)/33 X %O2

                    Figure it for EAN40 at 50' (Answer: 1.01 - Look at it on the DSAT Table as well)


Download the PDF for the NOAA EAN32 Table, Page 1

Download the PDF for the NOAA EAN32 Table, Page 2

Download the PDF for the NOAA EAN36 Table, Page 1

Download the PDF for the NOAA EAN36 Table, Page 2

     The following Medical Statement does not have to be completed unless you plan to do the optional open-water dives using EANx. Please print it out. Look over each of the medical items that are listed on the first page. If you put a "yes" on any of the lines, indicating you have that condition, you will have to have a physician sign the form on page 2 indicating you are medically fit to dive. Remember, you do not have to go to a physician unless you answer "Yes" to one or more of the questions.

Download the Medical Page 1 in .PDF

Download the Medical Page 2 in .PDF

 The following 2-page document is the PADI Liability form. You DO NOT have to complete this form unless you plan to do the optional open-water dives using EANx. Fill in all blank lines, read it, and then signed it at the bottom. If you are under 18 years old, have your parent sign it at the bottom.

Download the PADI Liability Form in .PDF

Download Page 2 of the PADI Liability Form


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