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     Fins to a diver are critical for the safety and comfort of the wearer. Snorkelers and scuba divers do not use their hands for propulsion. They must rely upon there legs in order to get where they are going. Unlike swimmers, their hands are used for other things such as holding a camera, or some other tool.

    If you have ever tried to do a few laps in a swimming pool using only your legs you probably found it quite difficult to go from one place to another in a short time. If a diver tries to use their arms for movement it becomes exhausting. So, the compromise is to make the feet more efficient by "making them bigger." Fins (not flippers, which work differently and are found on pinball machines) are designed to make your feet huge. If the fin is the proper length, is not too heavy, has the proper flexibility, and fits the foot correctly then the dive can be quite pleasurable. In the many years of selling diving equipment, Deep-Six has found only a few brands to meet these exacting criteria.

     One further point about the proper use of the fin: The kick the diver uses with the fin is as important as the fin itself. Some divers kick from the knees and there is very little movement at the hip. Propulsion is so severely reduced, and energy is expended so rapidly the dive is not enjoyable. And, the chance of a cramp developing in the calf, and/or the knee, is increased. If the power of the kick originates from the hip, with very little bending at the knee, the diver is propelled forward with incredible efficiency.

     There are two general models of fins for the diver. One covers the entire bottom of the foot as well as the heel. Called the "Full-Foot Fins," they are used by snorkelers and casual swimmers. The foot pocket size must be exact in order to have the fin fit so it does not come off accidentally, does not cause blisters because of chaffing, and is not so tight that cramping of the foot occurs. The second type has an adjustable strap in the open-heel end of the fin. The latter are usually worn with wet suit boots, and are the popular choice for scuba divers. The sizes usually match the shoe size for men. Women's sizes should be reduced by 2 sizes when ordering.

     The length of the fin has been in hot debate for years. The longer the fin blade the greater the thrust. But, you are not going to get something for nothing: The longer the blade the harder it is to kick. So, if you have strong legs and do not want to do a lot of kicking to get where you are going, then a longer fin might be for you. Generally, an ideal fin is one that will be the same length as the ground is from your knee.


(BOY'S/MEN'S SHOE SIZES - Women should subtract 2)


10-12 12-1 1-3 3-5 5-7 7-9 9-11 11-13 13-15
30/32 32/34 34/36 36/38 38/40 40/42 42/44 44/46 46/48

Note: Not all sizes are available for all fins. The lower numbers are centimeters.

Full-Foot Fins (Snorkeling, Skin-Diving, Pool Work)



     IST F-20 Fin (Supers) - Blue, Black, or Yellow

E-MAIL or Call 845-255-7446 for the SUPER SALE PRICE.

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The following fins (for a very low price) have been found by Deep-Six to be the best we've tried over the years. They are durable, easy to put on and take off, pack well, and provide the best propulsion vs. effort we have tested. They compare in price to the $150 - $200 models.


                          The ScubaMax FN 368 AERO in Blue                                                                                                                 Black


E-MAIL or Call 845-255-7446 for the SUPER SALE PRICE.

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