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     Diving face masks are crucial to the well being of the sport. It is most important that the mask fits properly. There are several points to look for when purchasing a face mask:


Two of the IST PROLINE MASKS from Deep-Six:Click here to see the M-55 mask


Click here to see the M-9 maskM-9 SATURN

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     The SeaVision 2000 Series is the best mask we have ever offered to you. It is low volume, has an extremely flexible skirt, and is super-comfortable. The skirt colors are clear or black. The trim colors are black, blue, yellow, purple, pink, or green. In the Reef Color masks the colors are blue, purple, smoke, and pink.

     All SeaVision masks have a choice of 3 lenses: Clear, color-correcting, or MaxSeaVision(tm). Prescription lenses are also available.

     In the pictures you will see some masks with clear, yellow, or magenta lenses. The magenta ones are the color-correcting and the yellow ones are the MaxSeaVision(tm).

     The MaxSeaVision(tm) filtered lenses are used in low-light situations such as lakes, quarries, caves, rivers, and night diving. This yellow lens helps to optimize available light and help improve visibility at the same time. Wreck and tech divers find this lens a very popular option.

     As divers know, colors are lost as one goes deeper. Not so with this mask equipped with the color-correcting lens. The special patented lens actually restores colors making what you see truly beautiful.


SeaVision 2100

     This mask has a comfortable fit with low volume. It has enhanced down and side vision in a streamlined frame.


SeaVision 2200

     The SeaVision 2200 has a different trim design. It fits a full range of face sizes and is very comfortable to wear.



Clcik here to see the Seavision Color Chart

     The chart on the left has been used with a Seavision mask. This is a durable waterproof chart that has the spectrum of colors for the diver to watch while descending. With an ordinary mask the colors, starting with red, start disappearing as you go deeper. Usually the red is gone after about 10'. Then the orange is gone after about 30', etc. With the Seavision color-correcting mask the colors DON'T disappear until very deep depths. In fact, all colors underwater look similar to what you see on the surface. Blue wet suits look true blue, yellow gloves look bright yellow, red coral looks red, your buddy's face looks pleasing, and the underwater world looks as it should.

     We have used the Seavision mask on many dives. It is super-comfortable and fits my face better than any other mask. When we put the mask on out of water the world looks strangely pinkish-red. Underwater the pinkish-red is immediately gone and the world looks excitingly normal.

     The Seavision mask comes in a sturdy mask box for protection. It also comes with a bottle of defog. This is one mask that forbids the use of toothpaste as an initial cleaner. It is not needed. Instead, a drop of the defog is put on the finger and smeared on the lenses whether the mask is wet or dry. It is then rinsed away COMPLETELY. The mask does not fog after the treatment. It simply does not fog if it is clean.


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