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     There are several services offered by Deep-Six. All brands are included at a very
reasonable price:

Regulator Overhaul           $50.00 per hour

BC Overhaul		          $50.00 per hour

Spare Air Repair             $40.00 per hour

SCUBA Tank Cleaning          $12.50

SCUBA Tank Hydrostatic Test  $35.00

Storage Tank Hydro 2400 psi  $55.00

Storage Tank Hydro 4500 psi  $65.00

SCUBA Tank Tumbling          $12.50 per hour

Visual Tank Inspections      $9.75

VTI + VisualPlus3 Testing    $12.50

Pre-hydro Visual Plus 3      $3.50

Underwater Construction      $50.00 per hour

Underwater Inspections       $50.00 per hour

Underwater Recoveries        $50.00 per hour

Underwater Repairs           $50.00 per hour

     Parts, if needed, are extra, and would be added to the above amounts.

     The work is thoroughly tested prior to leaving the shop. For example,
 the regulators are tested at the final stage in a pool by a diver!

     A complete report is offered the customer on all work done.

For repairs by mail:

     E-MAIL us first so we will expect the shipment. Pack the item(s)to be repaired
securily and send them to:

     Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc.
     14 Deerpath Dr.
     New Paltz, NY 12561-2811

     Be sure to include your name, address, and some information on the need for repair.
Include your email address. We will email, mail, or fax you a liability release. While
the repairs are being done that form should be signed and returned to Deep-Six at the 
above address.


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