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     The following photographs and press releases were produced over the many years the MHDA has been in existence:

Ice diving at Lake Mohonk:

Minnewaska dive with Cliff House in the background. 2nd photo is an ice dive in Mohonk:

The next photographs are labeled as to location and date:

Diving in Minnewaska at the old Divers' Cove (now the swimming area):

Ice diving in Clintondale:

Press Releases:


May 25, 1976


That a pond begins to die as soon as it is born is common knowledge to environmentalists. The neighbors of upper Canaan Road members of Bonticou Acres Recreation Association have called for help from the Mid-Hudson Divers Association to retard this process somewhat in their pond off Deerpath Road.

The problem is the buildup of both algae and weeds which glut the pond and eventually will snuff out wild life and fill in the bottom. The algae, green floating vegetation, can be safely and effectively treated with chemicals under controlled use. The weeds are those eerie, dark, spindley things that reach up from the bottom like Octopus tentacles. They are hardly touched by the safer-type chemicals.

On Tuesday May 25, the Mid-Hudson divers arrived at Bonticou Acres Pond with all their gear to try to remove the weeds by mechanical means. With masks snorkels and wet suits the divers plunged into icy waters to try to clear the pond.

The divers: Santo Polizzi and Greg Farrell, are members of the Mid-Hudson Diving Association. They are officially certified which means that they have successfully taken a specified number of hours of instruction and qualified.

The Association was organized by George Campbell New Paltz Science teacher who is himself a veteran diver. Campbell annually gives a diving course in conjunction with his Oceanography course at the High School. Many of the members first got their fins wet in George Campbell's class. The President of the Association this year is Phil Eulie. Further information can be obtained by dialing 255-1310. This same group was involved in floating the old ferry boat at Kingston, now housing the Driftwood Theater.

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