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     Your scuba instructor is George D Campbell III. He is a PADI Master Instructor (#4443) and a NAUI Instructor (#3703). George has been instructing scuba courses since 1956. He has logged over 2000 dives. They have included sites such as oceans, lakes, quarries, caverns, mines, high altitudes, under ice, wrecks, rivers, and culverts. George may be reached at the Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc. Dive Center by calling 845-255-7446. Your many answers to questions that arise now or in the future are just a call away.

     Another welcome option is to email:

     Each of the classes consists of 3 3/4 days of classroom and pool scuba diving, followed by 2 days (4 dives) in open water. Some of the classes are 4 days in a row and some are on 2 weekends. There is a written final exam that is used to indicate areas where a student needs extra attention in order to dive safely. All of the equipment is provided for the student to become a permanently certified scuba diver.

     The 2 days of open water are on dates of your choosing. On the last day of classes you will be able to pick what 2 days you would like to meet at Deep-Six (0930), load your scuba diving gear in the truck, and go on 2 dives. The classes end close to 1700. You will be certified at the end of the 4th dive. You will be a certified scuba diver for life!

What Deep-Six hopes you will learn:

  1. Scuba diving is a fun sport.
  2. Scuba diving is safe, safer than swimming.
  3. That your body is a miracle and should be appreciated in ways never thought of before the course.
  4. That the underwater world is exciting offering the diver a real-world and on-going learning experience.
  5. That it is easy to become a scuba diver.
  6. That your age has little influence on you becoming a certified diver.
  7. That you will be prepared to scuba dive in a lake, in the ocean, from a boat, or from the shore.
  8. And, that you will feel confident in handling the equipment that allows you to dive.

     The instructor has authored a textbook for the course. It is on this web page and is free to read. It may be read over and over. It may be read from the Internet from anywhere in the world. It may be used to refresh your memory before going on a trip. It may be used to make your knowledge of scuba complete (think of the final exam possibilities!). The textbook, DIVING WITH DEEP-SIX, is found at the top of the Scuba Instruction and Certification web page. It is constantly revised as new scuba information and ideas become available. The textbook covers everything taught in class. It covers what is expected on the final examination. It covers what is done on the open water dives. It will be a very helpful addition to the course.

     One very important note: If you are absent from a session, a class, part of a class, or part of the pool time it must be made up. Gaps in your knowledge could lead to dangerous consequences. Even if you arrive late or have to use the restroom the rest of the class will be put on "pause" so nothing will be missed. It's not a matter of inconvenience. It is a matter of complete learning.

     Except for the first day of classes it is important to bring your lunch for all other classroom and diving days. We take breaks from the busy schedule so you will be able to chow down.


George Campbell's First Scuba Dive in August 1954

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