Earth Day 1984

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April 2011

On Earth Day April 1984 about 150 students from the Duzine Elementary School, the Middle School, and the High School gathered in the field at the north side of the New Paltz High School. There were 50 holes dug by members of the High School Earth Committee so the students could plant a tree in each of them. For the most part each planting was done by 1 student from each of the schools. Therefore, each tree was planted by 3 students and each tree was 10’ apart from the next one. The trees are 5 across and 10 down from north to south.

Every year the students that were still in the New Paltz schools would gather at their tree to see how the forest was developing. In 1994, 10 years later, there were only 20 students left to attend the April ceremony.

Now the trees are 27 years old. They are huge! Now there is a forest where only a field existed. Every other tree is a Larch or a Spruce. The Larches lose their green in the winter which is unusual for needled trees.

The following diagram shows where the trees are planted and each are assigned a number. Following that is a list of the corresponding tree number, type of tree, and those students responsible for the plantings 27 years ago. The students that have a red underlining are the remaining students that attended the last ceremony on Earth Day 1994.

George D Campbell III; Past Advisor to the Earth Committee
New Paltz High School Teacher Emeritus

The following list is provided because it is searchable:

The 20 names that are in bold red letters are the kids that returned for the final year's celebration (1994)

David James
Keith Place
Keith Deyo

Bonnie Schenker
Amy Heaton
Raissa Venables

William Dietz
John Domitrovits
Jon Patrick Edmonds

Scott Beatty
David O'Neill
Carrie Ruelke

Sandy Weed
Sasha Beck
Clover Lewis

Russell Yess
Chris Oakley
Ryan Wensley

Moira Krivda
Jessica Polek
John Erdie
Jason Taylor

Joe Ingoglia
Marco Paz

Aimee Dhus
Niki George
Chris Moore
Jesse Rivera

Daniel Brownstein
Erik Kay
Devon Hoffman

Scott Sherman
Derek Bean
Brian Gillman

Michael Ecker
Taryn Puleo

Oliver Spencer
Charles Ognibenne
Kevin Cottelli

Kristin Frisina
Marc Guaraglia
David Frisina

Jeff Smith
Mara Schneider
Brian Wherry

David Brown
Thomas Morales
Julie Cretella

Michelle Miller
Linda Brook Guenther

Lisa Kay
Karen Bonita
Michelle Paterson

Anthony Crane
Scott Drivanos
Chris Calimano

Frank Sealman
Debbie Nicklaus
Lisa Zdroski

Jennifer Glasco
Jill Berardi
Erika Fritch

Kevin Divoral
Paul Cachello
Jesse Stites-Robertson

Regina DuBois
Rose Mary Fuoco
Shaw Vitarius

Lisa Kopman
Rosanne Mele
Allison Ruff

Louie Yess
Brian Miller

Robert Wyman
Steven Bonita
Jeffrey Trapani

Lori Viella
Steffanie Rutalante
Ingrid Bruns

Carl Brunges
Zachary Leeds

Sharon Eidel
Debbie Morris
James Piccoli

Richard Nardin
Naja Kraus
Dawn Crapser

Kathy Wright
Kim Emai
Diane Campbell

Jamie Waines
Chris Beatty
Shanna Markowitz
Brian Honsberger

Susanne Costa
Erin Quinn
Janette Unger

Steven Rappylea
Tanya Romano
Kelleigh Ashton

Christine Garger
Kim Fredericks
Rebecca Haskel

Kathleen Strang
Jennifer Perrota
Candy Martin
Geeta Sankappanavar

Eugene Ruoff
Brett Shaw
Robert Winkler

Heather Shuma
Laura Heaton
Sonata Randolph
Jason Walker

Shannon Brown
Traci Savago
Rori Sherman

Karen Costa
Jennifer Fredericks
Amy Tung
Cheryl Tozzi

David Dippel
Hans Vonnahme
Meredith Hidle

Michael Rinaudo
Chris Rand
Michael Summick

Michael Daddario
Jarret Willis
Kevin Harp

Valerie Morrissey
Carlaina Bell
Mara Lavergneau
Jason Sarubbi

Derek Burnham
Wayne Childs
Danielle Winters

Sharon Bean
Tecia Coleman
Jamie Longo

Jane Puglisi
Jennifer Hastings
Addie Lewis

Robert Fuller
Amy Ruff
Matthew Leonard

Peggy Damier
Christine Jackson
Richard Schultz

Rhett Weires
Derek Houston
Matthew Freer


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