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     Some of the most rewarding diving is done in the advanced classes. The pace is leisurely. The type of dive is selected by the student. Because divers working on their Advanced Certification are already certified scuba divers the restrictions are much less.

The PADI Advanced Open-Water textbook must be purchased prior to starting the course. Each dive done must be pre-read prior to the dive.

Download the following 3 forms. Fill out all 3 before coming to Deep-Six for the advanced dives. NOTE: If you must answer "Yes" to any of the items on the first age of the Medical Form you must have a medical doctor fill out the portion where the doctor permits you to scuba dive.

    To achieve PADI Advanced certification requires just 5 dives. Two of them are core dives, and three are electives. They may be done in any order.

Dive 1 Navigation
Dive 2 Deep

Note: The Deep Dive will be done in Dutch Springs instead of Minnewaska because the latter has become too dangerous to dive because of limited viability!

Altitude Dive above 1000' Altitude decompression, depth gauges, and computers
Boat Proper diving from a boat Usually done with the kayak, or in the tropics
Buoyancy Fine tuning buoyancy This is an extremely important dive!
DPV*** Using a Diver's Propulsion Vehicle Diving using an electric DPV to propel the diver 
Drift Diving in a current This is best done in tropical waters or the Delaware River
Dry Suit For cold water enthusiasts This dive costs $75 because of dry suit extreme expense  
Fish ID Dive Observe & identify fish families This must be done in an area where fish are available
Search & Recovery Diving to recover small & large objects Multifaceted dive includes Metal locating, lift bags, etc.
Naturalist Identification of life Plants, Invertebrates, & Vertebrates
Night Dive Dive after sunset Some navigation, lights required
Digital Imaging Photography or Videography Cameras included
Wreck Wreck diving Usually done out of the New Paltz area

     ***The DPV dive is an example of an Advanced Dive that cannot be done by itself. The 1st dive of the DPV Specialty course may be used for the Advanced providing the Specialty is completed. There are other Specialty courses that may have their 1st dive count toward the Advanced Open Water Course. They are: Enriched Air, Full Face Mask, and Ice.

     The dives cost $30 for each one. (The Dry Suit Dive is $75!) That includes all instruction and equipment needed to successfully do the dives. All the dives are done in open water. With the exception of the Night Dive, there is no schedule. They are done when you want to do them. You may do 3 dives in one day as long as the 3rd dive is no deeper than 40 feet. To make arrangements either call (845) 255-7446 or use E-MAIL.

     Once you acquire your Advanced Certification, you may continue to do other Advanced dives at the same cost ($30 per dive). There is no further certification for doing these dives, but it is a great learning experience at low cost!

     For further information about the Advanced Open Water Course click on: Advanced Course

RESCUE DIVER AND DIVEMASTER COURSES are offered each Spring, Summer, and Fall. If you are interested please contact Deep-Six.

     For more information about the RESCUE DIVER course click here: Rescue

     For more information about the DIVEMASTER course click here: Divemaster

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