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     At Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc. we guarantee that your personal information is safe and secure. Every purchase you make at Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc. is backed by the safe shopping guarantee.

Your Security is One of Our Main Concerns!

     We do not encourage customers giving us their credit card or other personal information over the Internet. We do encourage customers to call (845-255-7446) to order securely. In that way your ordering information, name and address cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc. will keep track of developments on the Internet and Internet security so that we can ensure that our security software is always the latest and most up to date.

We Respect and Value Your Privacy

     At Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc., we respect and value our customers and their privacy. We also value our own privacy and could do nothing less than to value your privacy as highly. All of your personal information is used only to ensure the smooth processing of orders that you have placed. This information is mainly used by our staff for contacting customers in our on-going drive to ensure good customer service.

     All of the information that is obtained during the ordering and shipping process is used only by Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc. It is never given to anyone outside our company, nor is it used for solicitation, mail-order lists, or email advertisements.

We Do Not Adjust Your Computer

     When you visit the Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc. webpage you can be assured we do not add anything to your computer such as a "cookie." Cookies are a way some companies have of keeping track of customer visits and preferences. In that way they can monitor traffic and direct advertisements to a specific target, such as you. We do not do that.

E-MAIL  Deep-Six , or call (845-255-7446)

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