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     At Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc. we want you to enjoy what you have purchased from us. We sincerely want you to feel you have made the correct purchase, for a price that makes you feel you have obtained what you want at a bargain. We also expect that your shipment arrived in good condition.

     For a refund to be processed you must tell us you wish to return the item within 21 days (3 weeks) of the date on your receipt. Going beyond the 3 weeks will result in our not being able to return the item(s) to the manufacturer.

     If for any reason you feel the item(s) purchased is not what you wanted and you want to return it, please follow the easy steps below. The returned product should be in new condition unless it was defective or damaged in our shipment to you.

*Note: There are 2 addresses that are used for returns shipped directly to Deep-Six. The one you would use will depend on the product. Be aware of the proper address before shipping:

       Address 1:  Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc.                  Address 2:  Deep-Six Underwater Systems, Inc

                         14 Deerpath Dr                                                                    10259 Greentrail Dr N

                         New Paltz NY 12561-2811                                                 Boynton Beach FL 33436-4407

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