The less water entering a wet or dry suit, the warmer it will be. The common misconception is that a wet suit keeps the user warm because of the thin layer of water that enters it is false. The gas bubbles in the suit itself provide the insulation. In fact, the more water that enters the suit, the less effective the suit will be for maintaining warmth. Water is a tough commodity to warm up.

     In many suits, especially ones produced several years ago, the neoprene was not as flexible as with SkiWArm suits. Therefore, it was necessary to use a suit that was slightly larger in order to prevent body squeezes and constriction. That allowed more water to enter. At Deep-Six we try to fit the customer with a suit that is as close to the body as possible.

     Some customers ask, "What happens to a suit as it ages?" "Does it shrink or expand?" The answer is that the suit remains just about the same for many years. Deep-Six has a few wet suits that are over 25 years old. They are used only in chlorinated pools. They are just about the same as when they were new. So, it not the suit that changes over time. It is usually the wearer.

     When one is finished using a wet suit it should be rinsed with fresh water. The suit may even be washed using regular laundry detergent. However, it is not wise to expose the suit to chlorine that is found in pools and bleach. It should be hung up to dry with the inside out, away from the sun and ozone (officers copiers, electric motors, etc.). The hanger should be thick. Thin coat hangers, as well as folding the suit, will leave permanent creases in a suit. Once it is dry it may be hung with the outside out in a closet.

     Deep-Six has over 50 wet suits for rental. They range in size from boy's small to men's triple extra-large. So, it is entirely possible to try a suit prior to buying it. (See RENTAL PRICES from the HOME PAGE.)

Wet Suits

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