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     No chlorine! No Bromine! No Biquanides (Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, Baquacil, Splashes, etc.)! That's right, a pool that is free of harsh chemicals and contains only water!

     This is all you need. The flow cell and the flow switch are plumbed into the water line returning to the pool. The power supply and the controller are electrically connected to the cell and the switch. The water returning to the pool is just that: Pure sanitized water that is bacteria and algae free. And, the system can be used on Endless Pools, large swimming pools, and even domestic drinking water systems.

     Our experience with one Endless Pool led us to offer the CL Free system to pool owners. The owner of this Endless Pool did not want to use chlorine or bromine in her pool so she opted for food-grade hydrogen peroxide. The pool became unusable after a few months and the water finally had to be drained. We came across the CL Free system and the pool owner took a chance buying it and having it installed. We were apprehensive. But, it has been 3/4 of a year and the pool water is still crystal clear. No chlorine, no bromine, no hydrogen peroxide.

     Before we started selling CL Free systems it was important to find out how it worked and if it worked. Inside the Flow Cell there are 4 electrodes. Two are copper and two are titanium. As pool water flows between the copper electrodes a minute amount of that metal is put in the water. Copper destroys algae. As the pool water flows between the titanium electrodes many of the molecules are split from H2O (water) to H+ and OH-. The OH- kills bacteria. About 2-3" after the titanium electrode the H+ and OH- recombine back into water. That's it. Pure water enters the pool free of harsh chemicals. It is not Voodoo! We have seen it work.

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     The following pictures are from a recent installation:

                                                       The Flow Cell                                                                                  The Flow Switch: It detects water flow and if it stops the electricity to the electrodes stops.

              The Flow Switch (looking inside)                                                               The Computer that keeps the electrodes properly energized.



Call us at: 845-255-7446

     It is critically important to get the pool ready for the CL Free system. Here are the steps:


Call us: 845-255-7446

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