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BARC 9-3-2012 PICNIC


     7/31/11: The dam for the pond filled with debris and the water level rose about a foot. Water bagan leaving the pond on the side of the road at the end of Willow Drive. A path was cut to the dam starting at the west side of the Chazkal's shed and going straight to it. Trees and small brush were cut to clear the way to remove the blockage. The material was sent downstream and the pond water level was lowered to its normal point. Monitoring will continue.

     Spring & Summer 2012: Beaver were found to be the cause of the flooding. They were removed as was the large tree they chewed down. The tree brought mud from the pond on to Willow Drive. See photos of the clean-up on 7/4/12:

BARC 7-4-2011 PICNIC



     During August 2009 the huge tree and bush in the middle of the field was cut and removed. The Town chipped the stuff hauled out to the road. Then the wet area between the 2 fields was filled with stone and the drainage corrected. We paid JD Construction & Demolution to do the work. Here are photos of thse 2 activities:






     The Labor Day 9-09 Pond Picnic:






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